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Life makes echoes


5/27/06 07:20 pm

I should write a song about you and all the shit that you do you don't even know what's up
But soon it all comes crashing down on you since we're on the subject

Tell me why your name is in the dictionary when I look up idiot
Check yourself it's very necessary

what's that sound
Supersonic spinning round
Crash and burn girl
Going down down down down down

Crash and burn girl
You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground

You should have a sticker on you
Saying warning keep out
you're the kinda girl that's messed up for life
Crying, waiting in the rain all night

what's that sound
Supersonic spinning round
You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground

Crash and burn girl
Going down down down down down

Crash and burn girl
You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground

It's just that every time you mess it up like that I see myself you
I've been there to
And there's so many times I stand beside and see what you're going through
Where you headed to
Crash and burn girl
Going down down down down down
Crash and burn girl

You keep on banging your head girl your shirt's all red

Crash and burn girl
You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground

12/16/05 09:53 am

A favorite quote about rebellion

"Nothing can be more noxious to society, than that erroneous clemency, which, when a rebellion is suppressed, exacts no forfeiture, and establishes no securities, but leaves the rebels in their former state. Who would not try the experiment, which promises advantage without expense? If rebels once obtain a victory, their wishes are accomplished; if they are defeated, they suffer little, perhaps less than their conquerors; however often they play the game, the chance is always in their favour." Samuel Johnson

11/14/05 05:21 am - Bright Eyes Concert

I went to the Bright Eyes show in Bloomington tonight with Kyle and let me say this, it was a damn impressive show. Ever unconventional, the Saddle Creek kids chose to neglect their newer material. They omitted most of the mature and haunting classics from "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning," and the shivery rhythmic misfits from "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" and opted to draw from older and unreleased material. A move, I imagine, intended to hypnotize the die-hard fans and alienate the uninitiated teeny-bopper bunch affectionately cooing things like, "Connor, I WANT TO KISS YOU!" The eager fickle crowd was a tough one to please and Connor seemed noticeably uncomfortable but still no complaints.

Bright Eyes resurrected and revived the ancient oddity "Falling Out Of Love At This Volume" and Fevers & Mirrors' "Sunrise, Sunset." Yet it was the newest stuff that was really impressive. The real centerpiece of the show was the shimmering soon-to-be-classic "No One Will Riot For Less."

Other highlights include the newly released track from -Lagniappe- (a Saddle Creek benefit record for hurricane Katrina), "Napoleon's Hat" It was really great to see them do "Old Soul Song (for The New World Order)" because it's such a fiery song about a protest turned riot (fueled by aggressive 'police state' like attacks on the unsuspecting citizens)....that swallowed half the city in New York City back in 2004, and was completely ignored by ALL mass media. The set came to a close with a loud, fast, and jubilant rendition of "Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved)." During the finale Connor lovingly danced and hugged his closest tour mates. It was this honesty of spirit, genuine humility, and longing to share the burden of living in such a shitty time that made the show so memorable. He even knocked over a few drum sets. Great set.

1. Sunrise, Sunset
2. You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You Will?
3. No One Will Riot for Less
4. False Advertising
5. I Won't Ever Be Happy Again
6. The Calender Hung Itself
7. Napoleon's Hat
8. Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
9. Hit The Switch
10. Lua
11. Nothing Gets Crossed Out
12. Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)
12. Gold Mine Gutted
13. Maybe there was nothing between these songs, but i can't remember, DAMN ME!?!?!?
14. Let's Not Shit Ourselves

10/12/05 03:16 pm - Exclusive: Bright Eyes to Release Live Album

Conor Oberst continues on his quest to become this generation's Ian MacKaye, keeping it real by fortifying his commitment to independent music. On November 15, Oberst's own Team Love Records will release Motion Sickness, Bright Eyes' first live album, exclusively to indie stores. It will be distributed by the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) and will be available online through the Team Love and Think Indie websites. Sorry, Wal-Mart, you can go fuck yourself.

The disc's fifteen songs were recorded during last winter's Wide Awake World Tour. It includes several rare tunes, as well as covers of Feist's "Mushaboom" and Elliott Smith's "The Biggest Lie". Here's the full tracklist:

01 At the Bottom of Everything
02 We Are Nowhere and It's Now
03 Old Soul Song
04 Make War Short
05 Make War
06 Scale
07 Landlocked Blues
08 Method Acting
09 Train Under Water
10 When the President Talks to God
11 Road to Joy
12 Mushaboom
13 Southern State
14 True Blue
15 The Biggest Lie

As previously reported, Bright Eyes will embark on yet another American tour next week, criss-crossing the country with the likes of Sons and Daughters, Feist and Magic Numbers. You'll notice a venue change for the St. Louis show on November 12. It was discovered that the original location, The Pageant, had ties to the evil overlord Clear Channel, so Oberst and crew jumped into their Man-fighting spaceship and bailed.

9/22/05 03:38 pm - River

9/17/05 09:04 pm - Start Again

Her eyes only see
what they want to see
so keep in mind
she sees anything
she'll see anything

she's chosen to beat
her brick against the wall
she won't build anything at all

And all those words she can muster
won't save her from the truth
he says, "you'll have to learn to stand alone
before you can in unison"

she tore it down
and now it's gone
it all went wrong
everything is wasted
but she didn't mean to waste it (no no no so)

she'll rummage through the garbage
and shuffle through the shit
what was it she missed

because she broke it down
just to stand about
second guessing
with her pretense on display
a warning to the passersby

she said don't now, "crush it in your hands
with the demands of your hunger"
don't revise all your plans
or fall in love so casually
you fool you fool, you fool you push you push then you pull, you fool

but no wishes in the world
can replace the things he knows
will he ever see, will he ever see
she's grown because of him
a minute too late

she wants to steal every second
back from the face of every clock
and nurture what's she's lost
and start again, again
and start again
J.S. Harrelson

9/11/05 02:44 am - Ozark

When I was a child I had many fantasies
of planets playing soccer with other galaxies
my hair being brushed by a weaping willow tree
her long arms nursing my fragility
malleable circus clowns then came to town to tease
hiding some disdain within their insecurities
the moon is my mother and she's begging me to sleep
not at all obediant, when she's beckoning the seas
the sun told the hills and me "Galavant licentiously,
despite the jealousy fuming from the sky"
the moon is still needlessly appearing almost endlessly
wasting all her efforts holding on to night
but I've grown older now and dreaming has waned
maybe it shall wax again though perhaps i will refrain

i think i'll take a stroll upon the Ozark Plateau
glide past Neptune to say hello to Pluto
only listen to Egyptian men building toward the sky
at night beneath the chilly sand, a sleepy lullaby
silent as a whisper the wind wimpers its song
of all the secrets of this life and love, and how it's going wrong
meet Brandi in the gardens hanging in the heart of Babylon
peak in to the future and see how much is gone
a symphony by Mozart, before an evening of Buckley
back in time for Africa to share her grace with me
lay back and gaze towards the heavens I've seen before
discover all the purity i've been pining for
and along my travels, could find some bricks for building brave
a boy trapped by circumstance, a dreamer to the grave
J.S. Harrelson

9/9/05 12:18 am - The System That Failed

Time is like darkness washing ashore
and greeting me everytime I leave my door
I can't grumble begging to forget
must be prepared for the banquet

a bitter sweet release
of all that's secure

ahead it crashes, and prays to be reborn
we missed it in the offing where it withered forlorn
it's a cycle of life we cannot overthrow
we're all slaves to the eb and flow

it falls like sand
right through our hands

but don't hold on
it needs to go

hold my arms
grit your teeth
i'll make them wait for me

and yes above your eyes the clouds are colored black
but that doesn't mean we can't strike back
i might not make it and you might fall
but as a flight of souls we'll be standing tall

think of how they'll grow
once everyone knows

we kiss the past good-bye
we can not live a lie

this is a song for all the lost souls
weaping for the purity they deserve
it's time to face the music
and throw away the posion

give it to the dogs
and tear down their walls
then we'll put on our clogs

and dance upon ashes of the system that failed
we'll promise death to those who had a hand

and let it pass
let it pass
let it fall all around
let it pass
let it fall all around
J.S. Harrelson

9/6/05 01:55 pm - Blue

the bluest light
the base of the flame
a prize to be received

the deepest bay
the brightest night
you have ever seen

a passionate touch
that urges blood
through the veins

quickly be drawn
pushed by heart
throbs to the brain

blue, I love it
blue, i see it

my hands shake
fueled by flame
my eyes a windowpane

divine in their right
but not to witness
the splendor of the blue contained

under the ripple
a nervous temper
sets my soul ablaze

am i to blame
synapse broken
a literary device

blue i wish it
blue i love it

and again when you committ
the abominal sin
my muscles contract

eyes connect with mine
an outside stimuli
my smile can not describe

oh what i
can feel for you
and knowing what you are

but that truest glimmer
in your eyes shimmers
brags of it's wonder and power

blue you have it
blue you own it

you know blue
energy true
inviting it wears you

an icy warm high
noon no cloud
could hinder or disgrace

blue as the man
guitar in hand
strumming away his love

embrace my flame
combine with mine
burn brighter with me

blue, in your eyes
blue, in your smile
J.S. Harrelson

8/24/05 02:06 am - The Bottom Shelf

Well I guess you have those kind of eyes I'd admire when i despise all the things left in this world to desire.
I found your skin a sanctuary a place to hide from the wary winds beneath the surface of my own
but I'm cursed to know this rock is cold, colder than i'd have you know the frigid truth lingers near my soul
and god i hate to share it, but i hate to alone bear it I tend to pass it off to those too close
But without answers or truth per se. I can't watch it wash the woe away and drowning in the darkness of it all

You see the morning star has several tricks, and built this new world to infect the way we perceive ourselves to be
and it may seem pleasing at the time like sex & drugs and higher mind, but the trap door is swinging closed
Call him what you want yet still, this uber man has iron will and he's nestled for the ride inside of you
and there's millions feeding from his hand, so oblivious to the plan, they're ruled by their pride and shame
But why wait til then for chaos to unfold, when he's within low and behold, killing all of us by degrees
through pain and debt callow regret, tell me you had not yet, considered that he'd let it end
Because this time, he's got it right. No controlled plan to go awry, we'll get to see the last consolidation
and this giant giant giant man, and no tiptoeing will stop his plan, and his ak has it in for you
and there's shackles around the ears and hearts of the people in the supermarts that race to win the prize they've all been promised

and with every drop of truth negated and history appropriated he created a fairy place to quote, so get lost
yeah believe the lie and sing along, it's easier when you have a song, and you're not the one to blame
parading around garments covered in sweat, bitterly hostile to those you have met, never humbling yourself in order to learn
look above what you're building so high, building towards what pie in the sky? the biggest invisible pyramid i've seen
i mean did you really think those few with the power, would let you know the exact hour, they've stolen your republic away
If you're thinking I'm safe this can't happen to me, there's 5 billion people saying i disagree, what happens when they don't need you anymore
see it's they get the resources we get the goods, then "I'm sorry if you misunderstood", the biggest double cross in history
and don't forget your frivolity...careless of your functionality in the master body
his heart is beating but dead as dirt, you can strike it down but it won't hurt, and he's drinking blood everyday
his goat's head is plain to see, from satellite photos on new tvs. His intelligence is wicked endless war
and in his veins is henry ford, in his arms the men born with the best of all the best intentions
and cancer billows from his lungs careless that it's killing us, go ahead wash it in your skin

then turn some pages in history,
and see how frustratingly clear it seems, the diluted pattern of absoluted power
each word tinged with that master plan, and learning that the heart of man, is the easiest thing to corrupt
I don't believe the animosity underneath all the things to media see. everything comes from just 4 people
(they teach you) to hate to hate to hate yourself divide all the people hate everyone else to hate no more is how I'm free
but it's not something I can share with anyone around me here i try i try i try believe me
to share my love to multiply but everyone seems preoccupied and their hate tends to fall all over me
so don't wonder what's got in to me, cuz I am my worst enemy, but I'm learning to love myself finally

so you see you're the sorta boy that jogs a boggled troubled mind and sets so much inspiration free
know no other boy in a year's time has catalyzed so much word and rhyme, I'd love to know you better
and i'd love to be the one you love, and trust me I don't say this much but I'd surrender all the woe i have for you
pardon me I'm sounding trite, but if i could i know i might, make you smile in a million different ways
because each different way would be, a brilliant sketch or certainly a endless source of ecstasy
and i lost myself that nervous night, to a boy in passing but by the light, that morning had some truth waiting for me
but I won't get bent out of shape, when I realize you don't feel the same, i always keep my hopes on the bottom shelf
just know there was a broken boy who appreciated everything you are and aren't and wishes he could be everything you need
if only for the fantasy, because i'm intoxicated don't you see what you're warmth has made of me
so I'll put your smile in the back of my mind and your eyes right next to mine and I'll walk away knowing you're perfect
because I can no more passive hate, so walk away from this pain
a black hole some might say
and enjoy the fantasy while you can
J.S. Harrelson
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